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Within the confines of their somewhat droll room the cute, adorable Hinata and The Sexy Sakura were waiting patiently on news of the injured comrade. Sakura was sitting the cold, wooden floor beneath the windowsill. Her eyes gazing down at the floor her, as her arm rested on her knee her head atop of that. Her soft, pink lips parted slightly to let out a small feminine sigh while one of her hands brushed through those shortened pink locks.  She let out another soft sigh as her orbs trailed over Hinata's Form, her eyes looking at her soft pale skin in the moonlight.
Sakura finely lifted her head up and looked directly at Hinata. “Hey Hinata I head you have a date with Naruto tomorrow, is that true?” Sakura's voice had been soft and filled with a sense of jealously and sadness had, at the time gone unnoticed by Hinata.
Hinata looked up her face glistening palely in the light, raven locks falling over her shy orbs. The strap on her gown dropped from her shoulder, revealing a little more of her natural curves. Sakura’s eyes widened and she tried her best to hide the excitement she seemed to be exhibiting. Her heart stated to beat faster as Hinata blushed finally ready to answer her previously asked question. Hinata’s voice was soft but held a certain air of innocent sexuality to it; Sakura watched every movement of her lips. “Hmm, I only agreed to go out with him so he would stop being such a pest, I really have no interest at all in him.” Sakura smiled as she moved against the same wall as Hinata her eyes never moving off her shoulder and the side of her small tender breast.
Sakura’s lips were curved into a somewhat mischievous grin as she scooted her a little bit closer to Hinata her eyes on her neck line now. All Sakura could think about was her own lips upon Hinata’s tender neck her hands traveling across soft thighs. “I agree with you both Naruto and Sasuke are complete and udder fools with no thoughts of anyone but themselves, but this time Hun I will have to say the blame lies partly with you.”
Hinata swiftly stood up her face turning red as she became flustered. She stepped in front of Sakura and looked down at her, her eyes showing a bit of frustration and confusion.” Oh really, how in any way am I to blame for this?” Sakura didn’t even hear a word Hinata had spoken, her eyes trailing from the toes of the girl before her, along her slender legs and up to her chest. Sakura smiled her body warming at the sight before her, the strap had completely fallen down Hinata's Arm revealing, a small delicate breast and a hardened pink nipple. Sakura shook her head as if in a daze and looked up at Hinata's face, trying to hide the urges that were building up inside her. “Did you say something?” Hinata shook here head and replied carefully.” I asked how this is any way my fault?”
Sakura giggled nervously playing with a strand of hair as she thought over her reply very carefully.” Well, its just I think, you have never been a real romantic when it came to the boys and honestly I think that you are afraid of ever going out with any boy. Plus it is also your fault for being so fucken cute.” Sakura looked at the floor after realizing she had said the last part out loud and hoping that it didn’t raise some kind of fear or anger in Hinata’s gentle heart.
The room had gone quiet and there was an awkward silence hanging in the air as Sakura stood trying to make her way to the door, her eyes watering up from the embarrassment she felt. In less then a second Hinata had managed to make her way in front of the door slamming it shut as Sakura tried to open it. She moved her self in-between Sakura and the door.
Sakura seemed nervous and she managed to stammer out a few words before the tears started to flow but Hinata had already noticed that there was something troubling her friend. Sakura looked up and asked in a meek and quiet voice,” Hinata is there something you want?”
Hinata smiled, her lips curling almost cruelly.” Just shut up Sakura you twit, you are initially correct about me not wanting to go out with any boys. The thing is I never went out with any boy well because I am not sure that is what I want; mainly in part because I am in love you with”. Hinata’s face was now barely an inch away from Sakura's, and Sakura could feel Hinata's body tremble at having to admit this but shock shone on her face. Sakura could not bring her self to believe this.
Sakura slightly shied away.” Wa.. I mean… there is no.. You Love me?” Sakura’s love face then turned a dark red; moreover, she then turned her face to the ground for fear of falling into the depth of beauty within Hinata’s eyes. The main cause of Sakura’s apparent embarrassment was the fact that she had been in love with her friend for over a year now. She still vividly remembers how cute she was the first day they had met and how she had gotten moist watching Hinata at a later date in a Bath. Sakura had never dreamed of confessing this feeling nor had she ever in a trillion years imagine that Hinata would say something like this. She tried to convince herself that her friend was just toying with her emotions, but she couldn’t think straight enough to justify this notion.
Sakura found her voice and looked up into Hinata’s light and lovely eyes trying to find the strength to sop her knees from going out on her.” See here Hinata, I have no clue why you have decided to play around in such a manner, let us just forget this whole incident ever occurred ok?”
Hinata frowned her eyes showing a sign of utter confusion. Her thoughts were racing while she jumped to conclusions. Maybe she doesn’t have the same feelings that I do, maybe she doesn’t like girls in that way? What if it is me? These thoughts struck Hinata harshly and it stung, as she was now the one holding back tears.
Hinata sniffled quietly and spoke through small tears before moving out of Sakura’s path.” Well if you don’t feel the same as I do then I suppose it is impossible for you to even consider loving me or for that matter of ever being with me”
Sakura shook her head in disbelief she didn’t know that dreams eventually did come true if you wanted them bad enough. Sakura Took Hinata’s chin in her hand and brushed away a tear with a soft kiss to the cheek, a single finger tracing the areola around Hinata’s tender nipple. “ I  never once stated that I didn’t feel that way Hun, and don’t ever think of comparing your new found love for me to the strong and secretly kept love I have had for you all these years.
Hinata laughed a little bit out of joy as she looked deep into Sakura’s eyes pushing her hand against her breast and holding it there.” You… You love me? you really have feelings for me”
Sakura smiled tears flowing freely from her as well now as she pulled Hinata into a hug, her body shuddering as she felt Hinata’s warm breath beating down on the flesh of her neck, it was causing goose bumps to race across her body. “I do love you, I admit it, I love you more then anything else in my life. The reason I never told you was because I was so afraid that it would ruin our already great friendship.”
Hinata looked up into her friends face, the love and warmth shone deeply within her eyes.” Sakura how could you ever think of something like that, I would never leave you for anything. I treasure what we have more then the very essence of life itself, and I would never leave your side even if had to stay alone, because I love you. I am not playing around, or thinking of some cruel joke, which is not in my nature and you, should know that. I really mean it; with all that I am I am deeply in love with you Sakura.”
Sakura finally broke down into a full cry, her eyes showing the happiness that was inside.
“I am truly sorry my love, I never thought that someone as beautiful, smart and innocent as you could ever be interested in me.
Hinata let Sakura go so they both could go and wipe their tears, their minds now only on each other. Sakura lay down on her bed, thinking about the time. It was about two o’clock in the morning and she was tired. She smiled softly as Hinata lay down behind her and spoke softly in her ear. “I have an answer for your question now, there is I believe something I want from you.” Sakura smiled knowingly and leaned in close, her young tender lips brushing Against Hinata. As their tongues touched there was a slight moan from Sakura, followed by a series of giggles from the both of them. They scooted closer to each other, their bodies becoming intertwined. Sakura looked at Hinata sweetly and whispered.” G’night my love” Hinata smiled pushing her head into Sakura's supple chest: “G’night” With that the two girls went to sleep with nothing but the sweetest of dreams and over ecstatic at the beginning of their new life together starting in the morning.
I was going to be really sexual with it but as i got closer to the end i thought that would have ruined the mood so i am going to save that for another story.
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pirates-r-smexy Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008
Well, like I said, there are some grammatical errors, but other than that it's pretty good. I'm not really into Naruto or lesbian pairings, and I still thought it was good. ^_^
poetOflore Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008  Professional Writer
lol prude, thanks see you in school tommorow....BONGOS!!
pirates-r-smexy Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008
If I was a prude, dear, than I wouldn't be into m/m pairings. ^_^

Okaie dokie to the seeing you at school part, a thousand times no the bongos lol
poetOflore Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008  Professional Writer
Everyone loves yuri!! cept for you lol your an outcast haha lol nah just playing.
Bifftasha Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I really enjoyed this, it was full of romance and passion. Not to mention lesbian couples always make for the most interesting love stories. Nice story, and I look forward to the more sexual one, haha. :D
poetOflore Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008  Professional Writer
Lol thank you very much i am glad you liked it!
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